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to blame for a u.s. airways flight getting stuck in the tarmac at reagan national ain't. look at this. huffington post says -- airport. look at this. huffington post says this is a photo of the tires stuck in asphalt. this is incredible. we're told the 35 passengers and three crew members on board had to get off the plane so a tow vehicle could budge the jet out of the rut. the charleston, south carolina flight eventually took off after a three-hour delay. >>> pepco says anyone who lost power in the storm nine days ago has finally gotten it back. crews made the last of the connections overnight. now a customer has start an online petition asking pepco ceo joe rigby to bury the power lines using annual profits. the petition says pepco made $68 million in profit in the first three months of the year. a study by the electric power research institute says it would cost between 5 and $15 million per mile to bury the lines. >>> monitoring metro tonight after a derailment on the grand green line on the green line, metro says it's back up and running. the line was shut down between ft. totten
for us. bob? >> reporter: there is one person dead, a second critically injured in this plane crash behind me. it's in some woods just outside this neighborhood. you see some of the folks here, firefighters still, police, the faa, ntsb come and where this plane ended up is in woods on the outskirts of this neighborhood just at the end of the runway. we can show you video shot earlier tonight from sky fox. this is a 1960s era beechcraft muskateer that's a four-seater plane, but there were just two pilots on board. one was the new owner of the plane which again is 50 years old practically and also there was another experienced pilot who was a flight instructor. the older man was killed and the younger man in the hospital. this happened just after 7:00 during what witnesses say were touch and goes, the plane landing and touching off repeatedly when at one point the plane experienced some trouble. another pilot was at the airport and he says he saw what happened, heard it and here is dennis stiles. >> the aircraft on its approach at about 300 feet, 400 feet above the ground made an abru
killer. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. the shooting spree erupted during a midnight showing of the dark knight rises. >> 70 people were shot, 12 dead and 50 others are hurt. >> we have complete coverage of the movie theater massacre, bob barnard and maureen umeh both working this one. police in colorado just updated the media in the last hour. >> that's right telling us investigators will wait until tomorrow to enter the suspect's apartment in aurora because it's rigged with explosives that they need to >> reporter: safe somehow. the city's police chief says 30 shooting victims remain hospitalized tonight, 11 critically injured. the bodies of the 10 who died inside the theater have just recently been removed. two others died at the hospital. only one of them has been identified. >> we are hopeful that sometime in the next hour we will get a confirmed list of the 10 deceased and we'll begin the agonizing process of meeting with those families and confirming what has happened to their loved ones. >> it's an act that defies description. you ca
and brandon. they're leaving us tonight. thanks for watching. we'll be off air until august 15. i'm cat deeley. good night. >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> a busy news night begins with breaking news in fairfax county, virginia, a quiet neighborhood in the oakton section is the scene of a double shooting. one person is dead, another is in the hospital. >> it happened around 8:00 on trever house drive. it's off of germantown road. audrey, what can you tell us? >> ryan, i just talked to a very tearful relative moments ago and all he could say, all he could get out was that his little brother has passed away here. people living here at the trever house condominium complex say crimes like this don't happen around here. one neighbor told me he did hear a very loud shot and within minutes, the place was swarming with fairfax county police. >> the call was for shooting, for shots fired. that is what got us here in the first place. >> and those victims were found inside the apartment? >> there was one deceased person found in the residence. the other was taken to to the hospital. >> police
this still developing story cover from maryland to virginia too d.c. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm laura evans. let's get right to the latest. the storm's death toll now stands at 22 people nationwide, 10 just in virginia. 2million people up and down the east coast are without power. that's down from 3 million friday. >> in our area pepco says more than 175,000 customers are still without power, 110,000 dominion virginia customers in the dark, pg&e reporting 189,000 outages. >> you'll see closures, cancellations and other very important information at the bottom of your screen throughout the next 90 minutes. we'll begin our coverage in maryland tonight with fox 5's bob barnard live in kensington with more. >> reporter: i can break some more numbers down. here in montgomery county it's 96,000 pepco customers still in the dark. in prince george's county it's a little more than 42 now. part of the problem, look behind me here, some wires dangling, the utility pole leaning over. this is a neighborhood in kensington still in the dark. that house has a generator going and
. good to have you with us on this saturday night, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. police say they have recovered a significant amount of evidence from the apartment of shooting suspect, james holmes. they now believe this was a calculated act planned over many months. >> investigators say his apartment was rigged to kill first responders. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom with a closer look at the dangerous mission to uncover the booby traps and other evidence. audrey, good evening. >> good evening, will. a team of bomb technicians, chemical experts, and device examiners from the fbi's lab in quantico, virginia, spent the day helping disarm the booby traps in the apartment in colorado. and now the difficult task of identifying the chemicals and unraveling the mystery behind the violence is underway. bomb technicians successfully detonated an explosive device inside the apartment of movie massacre suspect, james holmes. but that was just the tip of the iceberg. investigators found more than 30 softball sized inprovised grenades, explosive chemicals, and jars filled wi
in his home using a screen handle we found several posts prescott made on a gun enthusiasts website, the most repeat post? this target with a night scope he posted this morning a few hours before the feds and police raided his apartment and found dozens of other guns. fox 5's bob barnard with more. >> we are here this afternoon to announce a thwarted terror threat. >> it was an ominous statement from police regarding a man named neil prescott taken into custody around 3:20 this morning at his home on park ridge circle in crofton, maryland. police told us an employee at pitney bowes working in largo had called to say prescott was of the in process of being fired and had twice threatened him over the phone. prince george's county police chief mark magaw. >> in fact, he said i'm a joker and i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up. >> reporter: according to court documents, prescott told his boss he would like to see his brains splatter all over the sidewalk. anne arundel police were called and officers paid prescott a visit at his home. >> during a field interview with their of
inside the map need to use boiled or bottled water for drinking and cooking until at least tomorrow night. this applies if you are a falls church utility customer or a vienna water customer. fairfax customers aren't included. >>> some businesses are raking in the cash. business is booming for stores that sell ice in the last 48 hours and shows no signs of letting up. tom fitzgerald has the latest on that part of the story. tom? >> reporter: good evening, laura. we're here on chesapeake street in northwest, and i wanted to show this to you, because it's really a classic example of what we've been dealing with in the last 48 hours. over here on she's peek, this is one of the -- chesapeake, this is one of the many trees that have come down in this area. right in the middle of it, the thing appeared to be dead in the middle and it went on top of those wires, knocking out partially responsible for some of the outages. in the '80s there was a band called talking heads and one of the phrases was same as it ever was. the people here say with all the outages and storms, they're getting the feeling
actively looking for the shooters. police chief cathy lanier is on the scene. she tells us that all this started behind a shopping center in the 5000 block of first street. we do have some sound from the chief and this is what she told us moments ago. >> it was behind the shopping center in the 5000 block of first street northwest, the apartment complex back there. a group of young men were out in the courtyard or front of the apartment buildings and another group of young men come down the street opened fire -- coming down the street opened fifth. >> reporter: right now what you see behind me, this big huge crime scene is cordoned off. police are looking for evidence here behind that shopping have to new hampshire avenue. there is multiple units out here. the bigger problem is all this noise from these illegal fireworks. police don't really know what's going on out here. they're looking down every alley behind every car for multiple shooting suspects. we're told two of those victims are graze wounds, but the chief describes the other two as very serious condition and all four have
rolling through the d.c. area tonight. thanks for joining us, everyone, i'm laura evans in for shawn. >> just what we need, right? tracking more potential trouble for the earl early morning hours. >> we've had storms, thunderstorms move through. that's what we are going to see initially here. then i'm going to take you up to northwest and show you another complex of thunderstorms there. this takes you back the last three hours to watch this line, we were tracking this at 6:00. it worked all the way back down 270, our western suburbs. a little bit of small hail in places. we haven't had anything severe in quite a while. zooming on in, most of this now has moved over into southern prince georges county just north of waldorf. waldorf, there's lightning around you. this is still north of fredericksburg. it is basically going to pull on and continue to move down to the south and southeast. it's all moving at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. it will move on down to the southeast. it will get on out of here and have more light rain and before the next hour or so, i think most of us will be
robbery, the killer on the thanks for joining us. >> arlington county police say the crime could be connected to an armed robbery at a dc jewelry store in early all you need to do is compare the surveillance images fromi both crimes to receive the similarities. will thomas is looking at the story. >> reporter: good evening.te the owner of r:a downtown washington jewelry store reached to the media, in a way sounding an he watched coverage over the weekend of an arlington jewelry store orange -- owner killed. the jewelry store owner set the gunman looks like the guy that robbed me at gunpoint in my story, so he hopes releasing the video will help. it was just before closeing time. about 5:00, saturday, june a man wearing a safety vest and hat walked like any other customer. >> i was getting robbed, it was unnerving. >> reporter: the owner ken steio picked up story. >> he said he was for an engagement ring, and i showed him one, turned around to get something else out of the safe, and he pulled --pu >> reporter: all it caught on camera the robber threw st
alert. storms are marching through the d.c. region. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. many areas are seeing heavy rainfall and even hail and this is just the beginning, going right to sue palka in the weather center. what are you seeing? >> we are really getting strong thunderstorms now. they have the hail, heavy rain,' tremendous amount of light among and damaging -- a tremendous. alightening and damaging winds. the counties you see in yellow have severe thunderstorm warnings until 10:15. it includes the district, also. here's that heaviest rain from olney through montgomery county east of 270 now coming into mclean and vienna. this is a wall of water, very difficult to see and drive in. something else i want to show you is the rain rate. you can see the lightning, but in the purple areas across olney down into mclean you could be getting rain at a rate of 2 inches per hour and that is really tough to deal with. over to sentinel radar because you'll get a different view of the storms here. we're seeing not only the heavy rain in the yellow areas, what w
't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> we are working several big stories tonight. summer storms hammer d.c. tearing down trees and leaving thousands without power. >> plus streets and basements flooded for the second time in less than two weeks. tonight several homeowners and tenants are venting their frustrations. >> and a fox news exclusive, george zimmerman speaking out, the man who killed trayvon martin talks about the shooting and his life since then in his first television interview. ew. >>> we begin tonight with more is up storms and the aftermath. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. torrential rainfall and strong winds flooded some streets and toppled trees and power lines, a few thousand people still without power now in maryland and d.c. and pepco is reporting just over 3,000 outages at this hour, bg and e has 353 customers in the dark in our area. >> we begin our storm coverage tonight with fox 5's will thomas in a nor
. please give us a calm. on call. they can -- please gives a call and they can remain anonymous. >> reporter: security guards who normally work in that complex say it's been quiet lately, so the shooting caught many by surprise. maureen? >> audrey barnes tonight. >> to a developing story in d.c. investigators are looking for whoever tried to kill another man in northwest and that happened on 17th street at corkrin. the man was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. police are calling it an assault with intent to kill kill and have not made arrests yet and they have not released the victim's name. >>> d.c. police is looking if a suspect in the sexual assault that happened on thursday. the victim said she was walking in the 1900 block of 18th street in southeast just before 5 thursday morning. when a man with a gun robbed and attacked her. you're looking at a man police are calling a person of interest and if you know him or anything about the crime, call d.c. police. we're staying anonymous. >>> the d.c. police made another arrest in the murder last summer. henderson's body w
hurt and badly damaged several buildings and cars. fox 5's laura evans is following the story for us tonight. >> the washington area seems to have had a bull's eye on its back lately. the damage from sunday's storm in spotsylvania county is severe and we now know it was caused by a microburst. that was confirmed by the national weather service just today. tonight the community is amazed that no one was killed in this mess. the damage is extensive, so dramatic it looks like a tornado caused this, but we now know it was a microburst that ripped this building to shreds. >> it was like white everywhere like you couldn't really tell what was like -- you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: these girls and about two dozen other cheerleaders, teachers and parents were inside the dance fusion studio on phlegm street in fredericksburg when the storm hit -- fleming street in fredericksburg when the storm hit sunday afternoon. >> people were crying because we thought it was just a storm. we didn't know the whole thing was going to fall down. >> reporter: then the walls came crashing down. the
, yet another line of storms heading toward the d.c. area. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm laura evans. >> i'm shawn yancy. right now parts of the region are under a severe thunderstorm warning. others are under a watch and this is just the beginning. let's get right to sue palka down in the weather center now for the very latest. >> hi. these new warnings just got issued and it's actually part of a very large complex we've been watching pretty much all night. i also have to say the worst of this has definitely been to the north of us. we are seeing some activity coming through now. let me show you where those warnings are. we have radar up for you here and these warnings will be in effect for northwestern prince william county, southern loudoun and fauquier until 10:30. that's the area in yellow. let me show you while that storm definitely looks like it's getting strong and there's the warning you can see until 10:30, it's moving east at about 40 miles an hour. the big concern with that one is perhaps it could have some winds that could gust to 60. heads up in that ar
of that same crash. if you see something on metro, take a picture or video, send it to us at >> another big story tonight, the extreme heat. you thought today was stifling. wait till tomorrow. let's turn things over to gary mcgrady now. >> i believe that's nats park out in the distance there. listen, hot today again. we did not make it to 100 degrees, but, however, this was the ninth day in a row -- it almost pains me to say it -- of high temperatures over 95 and looks like we've got a couple more. we're still expecting cooler temperatures next week, though. let's get over to temperatures now. it's 90 degrees in the city. it's come down a bit in the last couple of hours. it's 84 for dulles. you'd think pretty comfortable there and 79 in manassas. let's add in the heat index and it's still steamy in town, 95 degrees, feels like 98 for frederick, 94 for hagerstown and 91 there in fredericksburg and annapolis. listen, well, i should call this what it is, not just a heat warning, it's an extreme heat warning put out by the national weather service. this will be in effe
look at the man accused in the colorado movie theater massacre. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. james homes made his first court appearance today since friday's shooting leaving 12 dead and dozens injured. >> the district torn prosecuting the case -- attorney prosecuting the case says this is just a long journey to justice and today what has people talking is less about what the judge said and more about james holmes' demeanor in the courtroom. >> ordinarily individuals are entitled to bail. given the nature of the charges you are being held on a no bond hold. >> reporter: james holmes looking dazed and confused as the judge explained his rights and what happens next. he sat silent during the hearing nearly falling asleep. a few feet away were some survivors of the horrific ordeal and victims' relatives. >> we're still looking at this case from every angle. >> reporter: the prosecutor says this is just the beginning of a long process. >> a case like this the investigation doesn't stop. it will continue up to trial and so as we find more info
corruption scandal. comes a day after the u.s. attorney exposed the $653,000 shadow campaign, which may have helped mayor gray win the mayoral race. >> i'm laura evans in tonight for shawn. a total of three council members are calling for the mayor's resignation. the chairman has a different message. >> working the story right now. matt. >> tonight, three members of the council are saying the mayor has to do what is best for the city. step down. but earlier today, the mayor said that he plans to serve out his term. and maintains he knew of no wrong doing during his campaign. >> mayor gray still claims he can't say much about the federal investigation into his 2010 campaign. nothing about the three people who have pleaded guilty to crimes directly connected to his campaign. >> this is not the campaign that we intended to run. >> several council members say that's not enough. on tuesday, jeanny clark harris admitted to working with others to fund a half million dollar plus shadow campaign. all of it illegal. >> as mayor is finished. >> the service is now deeply in question. i can't see
begin tonight with the bizarre and deadly accident in great falls, virginia. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura evans. investigators say a woman was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when a tree came crashing down on to georgetown pike. fox 5's will thomas is on the scene. what do you know at this point? >> good evening, we are in the heart of great falls village, shortly before 7:00, witnesses say a four-door black mercedes was traveling along this road. i'm standing in the middle of. georgetown pike. as it crossed walker road, witnesses say the driver must have heard a cracking sound, perhaps saw that giant tree starting to fall. it was along the sidewalk. roll the video and you'll see what happened next. that giant tree estimated to be between 7 and 8 feet in diameter. possibly 12-tons. according to one law enforcement official out here. came crashing down on the car. the tree crushed the driver, killed the man driving the car. the only person in the car. the two men in the truck directly behind the crushed mercedes witnessed it all. turns out, they are out of state t
. >> president obama speaking about the tragedy in aurora, colorado. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. we begin with the top story of the weekend, nation in mourning following friday's movie massacre. president obama traveled to the scene in aurora, colorado. >> new details are emerging about the gunman and the search of his apartment plus we try to understand what could have motivated the killings. >> the mass shootings in colorado killed 12 people and injured nearly 60 people, but tonight president obama traveled to aurora. he was supposed to be in colorado for two hours, but he was so caught up with talking with relatives, survivors and first responders that his visit lasted about four hours. audrey barnes is in the newsroom with more on his remarks. >> the last room that president obama visited at the hospital was 19-year-old allie youngs. her best friend stephanie davis was in there, too and the story of how 21-year-old stephanie saved her best friend crystalized the resilience of community and their will to survive. president obama wasted no ti
accused of making that threat. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm shawn yancy. fox 5's paul wagner has the details. >> reporter: early wednesday morning according to numerous law enforcement sources, the officer was late for an assignment involving the first lady. when he was questioned about why he was late, the officer began talking about threats that have been made against mrs. obama and then said, "yeah, a lot of people want to shoot her and i want to shoot her, too." the version of events is evolving. there are still conflicting reports on whether the officer used a derogatory term to describe the first lady. multiple sources tell fox 5 the officer who is a motorcycle officer assigned to the special operations division is a respected award winning officer. fox 5 is not identifying the officer because he has not been charged. one high ranking source described the allegation as way out of character for the officer who was considered a go to guy. however, another high ranking source described the allegation as a very serious matter. since motorcycle officers
of the shooting victims. >>> thanks for joining us at 10. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. we begin with a developing story out of arlington. police are investigating a fatal armed robbery at a jewelry store. it happened before midnight last night. at capitol jewelers locate on the 3400 block of columbia pike. this morning, the police say the 52-year-old herndon man dead was in the store. they were responding to the calls from the man's family that he never returned home from work the night before and police are not releasing the cause of death. they releasing the picture of the suspect. those are surveillance photos and they describe the suspect as a black man in his 50s, around 5'7". if you know who this man is or have any information, call arlington police. >>> a prince georges county police officer is recovering after she was shot at a hyattsville night club this morning. it happened outside of the galaxy night club and sports bar on university boulevard. the officer was off duty and working security for the club. she kicked three people out and then police say the car drove slo
the president of pepco joins us live in the studio. >>> but we begin with break news out of northern -- breaking news out of northern virginia. firefighters had to battle both the flames and the extreme heat during a massive fire in woodbridge at the woodbridge station apartment complex at about 8:00 tonight on eisenhower circle. no one was hurt, but as many as 100 people are displaced. the red cross is providing assistance no, word yet what sparked that fire. >> the extreme heat making things difficult for those firefighters as well as the thousands still in the dark tonight. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm laura evans in for shawn. it's going to get hotter the next few days with temperatures topping the century mark. fox 5's gary mcgrady is in the weather center with the details tonight. >> today we made it to the century mark here at national airport, only the second time so far this year and certainly this summer season, but this year. remember last week we had that day where temperature was up to 104 degrees and i do believe as we get to saturday we'll probably be threatening that nu
and it just hurts us. >> reporter: meantime outside the theater the memorial to the victims grows by the day, people leaving flowers, balloons and prayers. >> i know these parents are devastated because i'm devastated for them. god bless. >> they didn't come here to do no harm. they just came to enjoy their lives. >> reporter: funeral services for at least three victims are this week, 18-year-old a.j. boik to be laid to rest in aurora, a full military service for 26-year-old jonathan blunk friday in reno. served three tours in the middle east. his family says he planned to reenlist hoping to become a navy seal. ian sullivan, the father of the youngest victim recalls the last time he saw his daughter, a camping trip just weeks ago. >> why? the last time i got to see her, the last time i was able to hold her and tell each other that we loved each other. >> reporter: several denver broncos are visiting survivors of the shooting hoping to lift their spirits. lineman ben garland, a colorado native whose family lost their home in the recent wildfires says it's all about giving back to his commun
in season there was talk about you getting sent down. terry collinsed to us that one reason you stayed is because he sensed how much your teammates believed in you. how did it make you feel? >> player: great. we have a great team. everyone pulls for each other. you know, i try to make it, even though i was having a bad start, i try to stay positive as a team. not make my struggles effect anyone else. so, you know, i'm glad that, you know, everyone was behind me. i'm glad i'm still here. >> kenny: thanks a lot. >> player: thank you. >> matt: ken, thanks. other saturday action. white sox and yankees. jake peavy in the first. meet curtis granderson. 23rd of the year, grandy man. kurodo wouldn't need a whole lot more. 11 strike-outs against the white sox. he gets alexi ramirez swinging for number 11. yankees shut out the first place 4-zip. san diego in denver. since switch-hitting splits were compiled in 1974 two player first two inning hit were home runs until san diego's yasmani grandal did it today. >> kevin: he will sleep well tonight. two great swings. you see something you've never s
: investigators say they have executed multiple search warrants. sources tell us one of the searches was at the somerset point apartments in gainesville where neighbors say she had an argument with a man sunday night. meanwhile work colleagues at newspapers where greenhalgh wrote about steeplechase horse racing and county government are still baffled. friends speak highly of her skills as a photographer. in a telephone interview her boss at winchester star says greenhalgh was a wonderful force in the newsroom, friendly, enthusiastic about the news and says colleagues are really hoping authorities can solve this quickly. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >>> new details emerging as an investigation reveals that penn state university administrators concealed sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. school officials claim responsibility for the incidents, but some say that's not enough to erase the horrible damage. fox's david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: the 276 page report commissioned by the penn state board of trustees condemns school officials and says the universit
. >> joe: it's been fun get to go know r.a. dickey over the last couple of years. he told us, tim, before the game that, yeah, he was upset that he didn't get a chance to start tonight. and he was upset for mets fans, who have been in this with him, that they wouldn't get a chance to see one of their own start this 83rd all-star game. that said, he was happy for matt cain. he didn't complain openly about it. tony la russa was able to start cane, go to dickey, and it's been a shutout so far, allowing just five hits as a group. here's the 1-2. to the right side. lahair backs up. this is going to be a race and hamels wins the race to the bag. we go to the eighth. the national league coming to the plate. having fun tonight. up 8-0. >> mount kilimanjaro, i climbed it. all 19,000 feet up. >> joe: he did that this past offseason. climbing mount kilimanjaro in the african country of tanzania. he and his wife are raising funds for the bombai teen challenge. an organization rescuing young women from forced human trafficking in bombai. for more information go to so r.a. dickey thr
love them. you may not have that chance again. she did that. she wrote us little notes all the time. >> her husband survived. the river school has set up a scholarship fund in her name. >>> another local utility company is asking for a rate increase. this time baltimore electric and gas customers could feel the pinch. they asked state regulators friday to approve rate increases for electricity and natural gas distribution. if approved, the typical bill would go up about seven bucks a month, and gas bill increase almost five dollars a month. >>> a month ago today is when the strong storm hit the washington area. >> it was a pretty nice day for the end of july. maybe a break from all that humidity, huh? >> exactly, you're right. we had a nice breeze today. wasn't too hot. humidity was in check. changes ahead in the five-day forecast. in the meantime, let's look at our maps now and see what's going on. satellite radar composite showing we have just a few clouds. we're looking at clearing skies into the course of tonight. ridge of high pressure is in control. that will really set us up
, one out. swisher grounds it foul. if you just joined us, give you another game summary. mauro gomez and pedro ciriaco, the bottom two in the lineup for the red sox, scored three runs, driven in four, 6 for 8 combined. two guys that are minor league free agents, and they've been big tonight for the red sox. adrian gonzalez has three hits andruw jones, who's on deck, has hit three solo home runs. two in the opener of this day/night double-header. then he went deep. we'll go down to ken rosenthal if a moment. two on for swisher. inside, kenny, your phone is lighting up again. >> ken: joe, you might be wondering who gets credit for signing mauro gomez and pedro ciriaco. well, i just got a text from theo epstein, former red sox gm, now with the cubs, and he reminded me that alec baird and alex porter of the red sox get the credit. theo says they always do a great job. >> joe: 1-1, down and in. meanwhile, ken, i know you found information on the red sox, if they want to add players or payroll going forward in 2012. >> tim: that's right, joe. i found out today they're about $10 million ove
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